Thank you for supporting my dreams and wildflowers....


I'm Jenna a serial dreamer, since 1986.

It has taken many years, courses, jobs, failures, achievements, heart breaks and heart explosions,  but I have  finally found my way back here.

Back to that special place, that makes my heart skip beats with excitement, my mind loses itself within dreams and my soul glows with joy. 


This is Dreams and Wildflowers, a little part of my heart. A sweet gift of joy and passion to myself and to the world. Because we all know the World could do with more people doing what they love. 


And this is what I love....

  • Honoring the magnificence of nature through my unique bespoke blooms.

  • Sharing this passion with my boys  (Finn aged 4 and Toby aged 2) who pick flowers with me, forage for palms in the beautiful local bush land and hang out at with me at the markets. Giving them the opportunity to witness first hand the power of community, their mum contributing to that, while doing something she truly loves. 

  • Community.  sharing space with other small, passionate, thoughtful humans is what gets my butt out of bed to hustle to the flower markets and 5am or out to set up a tent at the local Foragers Market.



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