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A Capitalist Christmas

For those who know me or have followed me for a while now you would know one of my core values in life is to live an authentic life of meaning, and conscious awareness. Alignment is incredibly important to me and I only want to live a life that speaks to my souls purpose, and essence.

With that said I made the epic mistake of calling into Westfield shopping centre on the way home from picking up our fruit & veg order today. Or maybe in fact it was not a

Mistake and instead had a valuable lesson to teach me…..

A bit of a quick background, Simon & I live a very comfortable life. We are very blessed in so many ways. In saying that in this season of our lives, with me not working Things need to be humble at times. I am ok with this because I opened my eyes a few years ago, to the devastating effects our consumerist society is having on our beautiful environment. I only want to purchase things that are necessary, and where possible ethically made / reusable / recyclable etc. I’m not perfect, but I’m truly trying to do my best. I feel that this is bigger then me and is for the boys future on this beautiful planet that we are slowly destroying.

In the last few weeks in the lead up to Christmas ( and both our boys birthdays, thanks for timing that so well guys) I have felt an internal pressure start to build. The internal monologue was saying stuff like this……“ I need to be doing more, earning more, go back to work, be more, start a business, be an entrepreneur, your not good enough, your not giving enough, you can’t afford that, you need more, you aren’t enough”. It hadn’t dawned on me till I was at Westfields amongst the Christmas “cheer”; that the internal pressure was in fact coming from the incredibly well orchestrated insidious, external pressure of a capitalist Christmas. Of buy buy buy!

So here is what I noticed…..

• Instead of making me feel warm feelings of connectedness, joy and happiness. It bought up all the feelings of how I feel less then. Less then perfect because I can’t really afford to shop frivolously and buy all the gifts being marketed at me to make me think if I buy someone a particular gift they will know I care.

•Less then because I don’t look like this….

and because she looks like she will be having a fun Christmas ( yes I actually had this thought !! Marketing is powerful.

family and togetherness. Of happiness and joy. And again if I’m honest I haven’t had a Christmas that looked like a hallmark card for a number of years. Families, aren't always perfect. They are challenging, unconventional and on size certainly does not fit all.

And so here is some soothing balm that I use to readjust my perspective, and recalibrate my soul:

• Gratitude.

For all that I have. My beautiful boys, my beautiful safe home, clean drinking water, a happy healthy relationship, the lake at our door step, the sun, the moon, flowers, creativity, the list goes on and on and on. Once out of that over stimulating setting it is easy to reassess what is actually important.

• Perspective

Similar to gratitude, putting things into a more positive perspective. So yes while we don’t have extended family to celebrate one day of the year with, we have two beautiful, healthy boys we get to love and cherish, amazing friends we will be seeing over the holiday period, healthy food, etc. Again the list is truly endless. ( I want to add here this is not to say grief and loss do not have a healthy function and role. It is important in this positive psychology obsessed era we find ourselves in to grieve losses of people and relationships. Expressing sadness is a sign of the love shared and it is healthy to process such a loss).

(Originally published Christmas 2018, on the Jenna Dreaming blog)

How do you cope with Christmas?

Do You find it a difficult time of year?

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