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A story I don't want to tell my kids....

Once upon a time we lived on the most beautiful planet in the entire universe. It had this magnificent thing called the ocean. That covered 71% of the planets surface. It was an amazing home to many magical creatures. Including a whale, that’s heart weighed as much as a car! And a thing called an octopus that had 8 legs, 3 hearts and blue blood! It was also filled with the most spectacular coloured coral you have ever seen. Colours you couldn’t even imagine.....

But then humans got greedy and became obsessed with gas and oil. They started using a technique called seismic airgun blast testing. The seismic testing was a very loud noise, and it severely injured the marine life. This included temporary and permanent hearing loss, abandonment of habitat, disruption of mating and feeding, and even beach stranding and death. For whales and dolphins, which relied on their hearing to find food, communicate, and reproduce, being able to hear was a life or death matter.

And so because people were so distracted

by silly things like this lady called Kim Kardashian , we didn’t realise what was actually important and we let it happen. Eventually all the magical creatures died & the oceans were left empty......

This is not the story I want to have to tell my boys.

Please go and sign the petition Via at saveourocean.com.au

Artwork by Svabhu Kohli

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