• Jenna

Can you fake it till you make it?

Fake friendships

Fake conversation

Fake plants

Fake lips

Fake relationships

Fake insta feeds

Fake respect

Fake life.

No fake I absolutely can not do. I refuse to do fake. And I am becoming absolutely unapologetic about this. Not because I am a bitch. Or because I am heartless. But because my time and my authenticity are precious. Life is so fricking short and precious.

I don’t want to waste time discussing the weather. I can see that it’s sunny.

You can see that it is sunny.

I want to know what broke your heart and how you healed it.

I want to know what gets you excited and out of bed.

I want to know what makes you laugh, and what makes your cry.

I want to know what would make you dance. And what would make you lie.

There is lots I can tolerate. But fakery is not on the list. I refuse to fake it anymore, orgasms, the perfect life, liking people I can’t stand, I would rather die honest and true, then fake and suffocated.

Meet me in authenticity and I will hold space for you. Meet me in social pleasantries and I will wish you well, but bid you a due.


Why not fake it?

Smile, play the nice girl.

Ask the mediocre questions.

Have conversations of taupe and beige.

Because my soul will sooner die, then play these games with smoke and mirrors.

We keep playing small and nothing changes.

We keep playing nice and we unwittingly self silence ourselves.

We keep up the filters, the fake, & we end up distorting our perception so insidiously that we no longer are able to distinguish reality from clever marketing..

No fake has no place in my feed. Or my life.

I want the messy, ugly, heart wrenchingly beautiful tapestry of a life. Overflowing with rich emotional truths.

Not a life of neat and tidy fakery.

(Ironically Originally published Jenna Dreaming February 27th 2019).


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