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Snowy the Christmas tree...

Since adulting I haven't owned a Christmas tree. I have never bought a fakey from Kmart ( no offence to those who have a Kmart fakey. But they look fakey, and well quiet frankly like they belong in land fill 😬; which is where they will ultimately end up.).

I haven't looked into the statistics around Xmas and landfill but it's safe to hazard a guess and say that our consumerism leads to large amounts of pointless ( plastic ) crap contributing to the waste epidemic. I'm sick of contributing to the plastic & land fill crisis , and equally not overly fussed on cutting down a real tree either. And so snowy was created! She is a hybrid idea of Simon and I's. He claims he pointed her out a few weeks ago and said "oh that looks like a mini Xmas tree". I claim he didn't. Either way this untoward wormwood plant has ended up as our 2018 Xmas tree. And I simply adore it!

I transplanted her from our front garden into a pot and set about decorating her. ( The original wormwood was a Tiny $2 plant from Bunnings).

Just like the tree itself I wanted to decorate snowy in a more planet friendly, conscious way. And being a creative spirit I was excited to make some of my own ornaments and hoped to include the boys with some craft activities!

I'm beyond pleased with the results. I have created some of the most special, thoughtful ornaments that have sentimental meaning and will not cost the earth.

Without further ado here they are.....

Tobias and Finnigan…..

I bought these gorgeous handmade elves from

The small folk last Christmas, thinking Finn would love playing with them. But he doesn’t.... Kids! It pained me to see them just sitting on the shelf. And so I put some thread through their little hats and they are now super sweet, personalised ornaments.

Similarly I bought this peace teether from

Lion & lamb for Toby as a bub. Instead of it going to waste I thought it would be a beautiful representation for the “peace on Earth” idealism that Xmas is meant to represent.

Each of us is also represented by a little wooden letter. ( Wooden alphabet packs are $10 from Bunnings. Each pack has 3 of each letter and so can be used for other craft activities).

Other less sentimental but equally as gorgeous ornaments include cut out doilies. I especially love these because they just look so dainty and antique hanging on the tree. I am obsessed with all things op shop and hand made so this is perfect. I simply cut out sections of a doily table runner that resembled stars and threaded them to hang.

I love to think that I have breathed new life and appreciation into someone else lovingly made art.

I also already had some felt Pom poms at home, purchased from a small Tasmanian store on Etsy. These are now stringed garlands. I also had a few little silver and gold stars from my local craft shop. Which are super sweet and delicate.

Finally I did a craft with my eldest son Finn where we made our own little Christmas ornaments. If I’m totally honest I enjoyed the activity far more then he did. But we got some cute little ornaments out of it

I truly adore our little snowy tree. And she is the gift that keeps on giving. One day we found a little caterpillar on the top branches. And then a few days ago the top of her flowered into sweet little yellow buds. Who needs a star when you have real flowers!

I hope this inspires you to make your own eco friendly Christmas tree, made with lots of love and thought ♥️

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.

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